August 2012

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Alante ”The Interlude”

Last month we shot a new music video for Minneapolis rapper Marcus “Alante” Paterson. This piece is only a minute and half long, the reason being is that its part one of two. Part two will be a full music video from one of the songs on Alante’s new album. We wanted this part to be more of a dream sequence leading up to part two, which explains the pigs, fog, and floating pictures.


Below are a few stills from BTS. Overall we had a blast on this shoot and can’t wait to work with Alante again in the near future.


Editing with Adobe Premiere CS6

I am a strong advocate of Adobe Creative Suite 6. The advantages of using this software for the sort of work we produce is, to me, unmatched; granted, I have never used Autodesk’s new and top notch software, Smoke. I have used Final Cut Pro 7 and used Avid very briefly in college – they won’t let you touch it unless you get approved apparently, but I didn’t agree with that.

I have been using Adobe products for upwards of 8 years now, and yes, there’s been many let downs, crashes and frustrations, but I can honestly say I am a happy customer and would recommend this product to anyone in video. The learning curve is simple, the program is powerful, the tools and effects are fantastic, and the workflow is quite seem-less you need to put in the hours to learn all of these things of course, this doesn’t come overnight – I still learn new tools, hot keys and better methods, and that’s 8 years later!

Workflow. Establishing a proper workflow for your project is essential to every project, and will change accordingly contingent upon the many variables that come in to play. Organization, folders, files, bins, sequences, trimming, editing, sound, color grading and exporting – these are all aspects that need to be considered with each project you ingest. Adobe has made all of these aspects very manageable, it is a very logical software that has accounted for all of the years of editors and filmmakers telling them what works, what doesn’t and what needs to be included. The picture above is my standard work space for all my projects. I use a sequence based workflow, almost like a trickle down system, not clip based. This allows me to easily transfer my trimmed footage to a different timeline below while maintaining the integrity of the original footage. Also note the clean project folder, all sorted by bins and sub folders – makes life very easy.


Editing requires a very meticulous and patient personality, it is not a quick and easy process, corners cannot be cut, your system will crash and it takes time to render things out. That said, sitting in a chair with your dual screen set up on your badass custom built computer that is designed to handle this task, coffee by your side and music playing is a very fun process to be involved in. You have full control of creating a project that can be distributed for the world to see, and how you create that story is completely up to you. It is the culmination of every aspect of pre-production and production, all of which funnels in to the post production process where it is ingested to create and export.

These are my sporadic thoughts on editing,