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Is Social Media Adverting Effective?


Well here is some news that I think most of us can agree with; You know the unaesthetic sidebar ads on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and those annoying commercials that play before every Youtube video? Well it turns out a new report from Gallup suggests that most consumers also find these ads irritating, if they pay any attention to them at all.

So why do these companies continue to fill our screens with their pesky product placement? One answer is that it could be subliminal persuasion as social media is growing everyday with more and more potential consumers logging on. The report, however, says that instead of trying to persuade people to buy, companies must first engage and establish a connection with their existing customers, thereby getting them to advocate the company’s product to others. Gallup goes on to say, “Companies that engage their customers, by providing exceptional service and a pleasurable in-store experience will, in turn, drive those customers to interact with them on social media. Simply promoting products and services on Facebook or Twitter is unlikely to lead to sales.”

So there you have it, companies really need to step up their game on social media advertising. If anything maybe I can watch that new Kanye video a little quicker.