March 2013

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Now is the time to get into Video Marketing



“The business benefits of using video to increase discovery, traffic, engagement and conversion are widely documented”

– Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto.


The future of business marketing is in video. With websites like Youtube and Hulu becoming widely popular it looks like more and more consumers are turning towards the world wide web to get their information and entertainment, and the medium is ripe for the taking. According to a recent survey done by Animoto, a leader in online video production, consumers are much more likely to be interested in a company that uses online video for their business. The survey says 73% of customers would rather make a  purchase from a business using a short video for their product; and also goes on to say that 96% of customers find videos quite helpful while another 71% say they feel more positive about a company or product after watching their video. Online video looks to be the leader in marketing to the people and there is no better time to get your business out on the web than right now.

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