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12 Revealing Questions Successful Executives Must Ask Themselves

This is some great advice to make sure that if you are an executive – you’re doing things right.

1.Are You Still Relevant? Is your company’s primary product riding a growth trend or is it declining? Are you Hostess still trying to sell Twinkies or has the market long ago moved on? Do you still matter? Where is the next big wave to catch if you aren’t on one?
2.What is Your Why? Is your primary purpose for doing what you are doing still clear and compelling? Have you defined your Why? (Mission or purpose.) Is your What clear? (Vision) Do you have your When written out? (Goals) Are your Hows set and prioritized? (Values, strategies and tactics) Is it still the right Who? Target audience and your executive team.
3.Are You Leading or Managing? You lead people, you manage things. You need both. Leadership is the greatest variable with the most leverage. Leadership decides the path to follow, how fast is the speed of the march, and how to deal with each bend in the trail. Management executes to the variables of the journey. A leader is a shepherd who walks in front with a clear voice, a manager is a sheep herder with a well-trained horse, while a poor manager needs a sheep dog.
4.Are You Great, or just Good? Excellence is first a decision before it is action. Do you have passion for what you do? Are the best in your world at it? Can you make enough money to keep the water over the rocks? Jim Collins in his awesome book Good to Great says you need passion, potential to be the best in the world, and a clear ability to make money to be great in our world of business. Be honest… are you great? Or just good.

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Engineering America | Brand Video


In 2013 we set out to encapsulate Engineering America, one of the countries top liquid storage tank manufacturers.

We started shooting in January 2013, and wrapped last December. A total of 18 hours of footage was captured over the span of 12+ shoots. In the end it was all worth it. We came into 2014 with a wonderful project t, that gives the viewer an inside glimpse into the passion, drive and  professionalism Engineering America and its employees bring to the table on a daily basis.