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First State Bank and Trust | “Action Trailer”


Recently we got to work with one of the local community banks in our area – First State Bank and Trust (FSB&T), out of Bayport, MN. Man did we have fun on this shoot. From jet skis to car chases this little 30 second spot packed a wallop.

FSB&T had recently just opened up a new location in Hudson WI and wanted to shed a little light on the fact that they are still the same old bank that has been around for nearly 100 years (they were established in 1914). So naturally what better way to get the word out than a cool commercial. FSB&T first contacted us in the spring of 2013, with the idea that they wanted a commercial, although I don’t think they had any idea where we were going to take them. Rather than going with the cliche bank commercial of a man/woman walking into a bank, smiling and proceeding  to “open an account”, we decided to take a chance and  pitch the idea of creating a mock movie trailer, in the same vein as James Bond. Well – turns out they loved the idea, needless to say we were stoked.


Our concept was fairly straight forward – We had this guy that was in a hurry to get some where, and the whole time he has this accomplice in his ear harping on him that he is always late. We wanted to get as much diversity with the “chase” scenes as possible, which is why in only 30 seconds we go from car, to foot, to jet ski, all while keeping the pacing quick and moving forward.

It’s always a little nerve racking when a company puts all their trust in you to do something a little “different”, so when we heard that they loved the final product we nearly broke down in tears from relief. Over all we had a blast shooting this spot and First State Bank and Trust was a true pleasure to work for.



Son On A Mission


Not all project pitches have the level of passion and love in them quite like Jon Sadeh’s did when he came to us earlier this summer.

Sohrab Sadeh embodies the American dream, through and through. Arriving to this country almost half a decade ago, with virtually no money to his name and no foundation to step on here in a foreign land to him, Sohrab hit the ground running to survive. Taking any and all employment he could, he was able to start laying the ground work for his success here. Spending all of his time and earnings, he slowly started to build an All-American family. After raising 4 wonderful kids, he was able to both send all of them to college and provide them with a home to live in that they still can call home to this day. Unfortunately, Sohrab’s selflessness and desire to provide for his family came at a price. This is where his son, Jon, comes into the picture.


It’s difficult to hear Jon speak about his project, Send Dad Home, and not be struck with emotion for the love and passion he has for his father. With an extensive background in film and photography, Jon is just the kind of guy to support for such a challenging project. Traveling to Iran in this modern day is no easy feat in and of itself, but to film there at the same time is a whole other element of difficulty. After looking at every angle and any possibly road block, Jon has came up with a game plan to successfully bring his father back to his homeland and capture it to create what would undoubtedly be a breath-taking documentary.

By supporting his Kickstarter, supporters will not only get to help a hard working man return to where he came and be reunited with his family before it is too late, they will also get a wonderful piece of art in return. We want to help Jon reach his dream just as badly as he does for his father, so take a moment to read his story and help him reach his goal to Send Dad Home.

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