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FTF’S Favorite “Game of Thrones” Characters.


Anyone else disappointed there isn’t a new episode of everyone’s favorite “Game Show” tonight? Well in order to fill that empty arrow hole in my heart I’ve compiled a short list of FTF’s favorite characters from the HBO fantasy epic.

– Up first is Co-owner and Editor, Chaddix Malchow, whose favorite character is Arya Stark . “I think she has the most interesting story and character build up, and she’s on the coolest path,” says Chad of the young Northerner.

– Next is Co-owner and Director of Photograhy, Pat Shelton, whose favorite character is Jaqen H’ghar. “Why? because he keeps his word and has a great head of hair.” Can’t disagree with that.

– Audio Engineer and Composer, Devon Johnson, says his favorite character by far is Tyrion Lannister. “I love how he is arguably the most intelligent character of the show. He’s small in stature but plays one of the largest roles.” Certainly a very popular choice.

– Our Production Assistant and Photographer, Anthony Gilbert chose Lord Voldemort for his favorite, saying “I just can’t get enough of the lightsaber battles, vroom, vroom!” Yeah… I don’t think Ant watches the show.

– As for my favorite character I have to go with Sandor “The Hound” Clegane. “I just really like the duality of his character, he’s an anti-hero but also really one of the good guys.”

So who is your favorite player in Westeros, Jamie Lannister the “Kingslayer” or maybe Daenerys Targaryen “Mother of Dragons?” Don’t tell me its Joffrey Baratheon “First of His Name.” Whoever it is let us know on Facebook or Twitter, and don’t forget to click that subscribe button.

(Oh yeah, Gordon wants you all to know his favorite character is Ghost, but he knows nothing.)