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A short, yet powerful spot designed to tell your message in the most creative way possible. These are the projects where we bring in specialists, actors and state of the industry equipment to make it in to something truly unique. Commercial video production perfect for web, social and TV.







Do you shoot videos in your Minneapolis studio or on location?
Both! It all depends on the project and what the video calls for. Typically for TV commercials, our style is to shoot on location or various locations. Being home to Minneapolis, we have so many scenic places to utilize and such a variety of different settings. We take time to location scout and secure any necessary permits to shoot at whatever spot we determine to be most fitting for the given scene.
What do you need from me to start producing a commercial?
Honestly, not much at all. We’ve worked with both ends of the spectrum on this – ranging from clients who simply agreed to our ideas and let us take it from there until a final is finished to clients who want to be hands on every step of the way. It’s up to you how involved you want to be.
I want a commercial shot for my company, what's your process?
We schedule an exploratory meeting with your company, and let you talk about your company – why you do what you do, what do you make/provide, what customers are you looking to reach, etc. From there we’ll go back and hit the drawing boards and keep presenting high level concepts until we pitch one you love. Once you approve a concept, we’ll create a treatment (project synopsis) with an attached budget range. Once everything is approved, we begin shot listing, storyboarding, location scouting, casting, the whole nine yards up until the day we shoot. After pre-production and production are completed, we move in to post-production.
Can my commercial go on more than just one platform?
Yes, we encourage you to upload the video to as many sites as possible. TV, digital streams such as Hulu, Pandora, etc., your website, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you get the idea.
How do I get my commercial on TV once it’s finished?
We have some great working relationships with several broadcasting companies in the Midwest – we would be happy to introduce you to the right person based on your needs. Advertising your commercial through TV is an entirely different industry so we let the experts take it from there.
Do you handle creating a video campaign strategy via social media if you shot our commercial?
Plain and simple, we are content creators and producers – we are capable of concepting and creating a series of videos (and photos) that comprise a campaign, but we do not create the strategy of how to implement that in your overall campaign. We have many friends in MPLS’s large advertising scene of all different sizes – from freelancers to Mad Men-esque ad agencies.



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