OSF URGO | 2018 Content Launch
project name

OSF URGO | 2018 Content Launch

21 Videos | Stills | Radio

  • Client:

    OSF Urgo

  • Our Roles:

    Produced | Shot | Directed | Edited | Colored



OSF Urgo – an Illinois based Urgent Care company, had a number of clinics opening in mid summer of 2018 – and no content to promote it.

LEVEL Mpls contacted us asking to help create a breadth of content in no time at all. We immediately thought, “love it”. This has all the parts of a great campaign – awesome partner, perfect client, creative for days, and no time at all.

Gravy baby.

Over the next week we worked with our partners at Level to craft a number of spots and teasers for the campaign, collaborated with the client – approved!

3 days later we jumped into production. Over the next 2 days we shot a total of 11 commercials and 10 teasers.

Oh, and enough stills and radio spots to fill their calendar.






Production Company: Field Technique
Agency: LEVEL Mpls
Director: Patrick Shelton
DP: Chris Behnen
Producer: Jessica Zerby
Photographer: Austin Fassino
HMUA: Mark Navaro
G&E: Sam Mayhew
PA: Haley Flessness
PA: Leor Szleifer