project name


Music Video

  • Client:

    The Millenium

  • Our Roles:

    Concept | Directing | Camera | Editing | Coloring

Music Video for The Millenium for their new single, “Stay”





“I loved working alongside every person on set.  It’s crazy how in a short amount of time, we all instantly clicked and collaborated as though we always spent time in the woods, with massive amounts of glitter and R. Kelly.”

– Alisun

“I don’t know a whole lot of people that would be willing, or better yet excited, to sit in the mud for hours to monotonously move apple boxes back and forth or do burpees all day long. However, it’s amazing what a little R.Kelly can do to a group’s attitude (I see a reoccurring theme here). My fear of glitter, which everyone knows is the herpes of the craft world, was a little bit dialed back after this project. From Chad eating god damn raw hot dogs at 8am like pure white trash to Pat feeling like he murdered someone while shooting a pellet gun with Steve holding a balloon, Day 1 was a real treat for me to be along for the ride with. And if ya haven’t seen the video yet, it really came out even better than I envisioned it would. Great team, great people, tasty fucking jams all day long.” 


“When everyone arrived the first night, no one knew each other for the most part, but within a matter of hours, it felt like we had all been great friends for awhile. We knew how to get shit done during the 14 hour days but also knew how to throw down at night with dance parties, cards and an adequate amount of booze. What really set the tone though, was playing the Star Wars Cantina song for about 3 hours on set, and everyone was totally okay with it.”

– Chaddix


Production Company: Field Technique
Directed by: Patrick Shelton
Camera Op: Chaddix Malchow
Editing: Chaddix and Patrick
Art Director: Allisun Abbott
Talent: Shelby Hendrix
PA/Grip: Steve Kimble
AC: Anthony Gilbert

Photographers: Austin Fassino and Anthony Gilbert

Shot on the Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q, 2K RAW, colored with Resolve, edited in Premiere.